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IP Telephony come with standard features that is not available with traditional phone services including:

Video Calls

Make real-time video calls with crystal clear quality. You can make a video calls by simply dialing the number. If the person on the other side has video capable device, the video will show up.

Call Conferencing

On selected Cisco IP phones, you can make conference call up to 8 people at once! It is as simple as making a phone call.

To make a conference call
1. Dial the first party whom you want to join the conference
2. Press Confrn button on your phone and dial the second party
3. Repeat step 2 for the subsequent parties.

You won't be billed extra for making the conference call. For example: If you conference with 5 other people then we treat each party as 5 separate calls. Your calling party does not have to be on Frontier ISP Telephony and can be anywhere in the world!

Video Conferencing

Save time and money with Ai Tel video conferencing feature. No more expensive and dedicated video conferencing room, no more traveling. Video conferencing when you want and where you want!

Video Conferencing can be initiated similarly to the Call Conferencing. No other set up necessary.

Caller ID with name

Know who is calling before you answer the call. Ai Tel will display the name and phone number of the incoming caller when ever it is available at no extra charge!

Call Waiting

Call Waiting allows you to accept incoming calls while you are already on a call. You will see the Caller ID of the person whom are trying to call and you can place the first caller on hold when you answer the second call.

Call Forwarding

Away from your desk? You can set your phone to forward incoming calls to your mobile phone or to a voice mail service. So no matter where you are, important calls can follow you.


You can take your phone anywhere in the world and connect to the available broadband connection. This feature is great for staff who move around to different branches or different departments. No more giving people your new number. You can have an Adelaide phone number while you are in Sydney!

Call Transfer

Having trouble with the current call? When you are on a phone call, you can transfer to someone else!

Call Hunt

In an office environment where there are many incoming calls and the receptionist is anable to handle all the calls, it hunt to the next designated person or people to answer the call. You can pick the ring sequence in the other that you would best suite your business.

For examples, the receptionist is recieving more than the expected amount of calls and he/she cannot handle alone, the call is then hunted to the available support person, if no one in support is able to answer the call then it will go to the manager. No more missing important phone calls again!

Ring List

You can choose from a range of available ring tones. Personalise your phone at no extra charge!

Call History

View your recent call made, missed calls and answered calls with time stamp at a touch of a button! You can redial these numbers with another press of a button!